About Us


High quality cleaning, beautiful garment finishing, and environmental safety have always been the hallmarks of Pioneer Cleaners operations. We have pioneered many new technologies including Adjust-a-Drape, the best technology in drapery cleaning that guarantees the length of the drapery does not shrink. Pioneer Cleaners has also devised the exclusive Unit Finishing process to finish different types of garments professionally. In the late 1970s, a liquid petroleum reclaiming tumbler was installed to prevent fumes from being released into the atmosphere and to reclaim the solvent for reuse.


The early period of the Twentieth Century was a time of strong family traditions, pride in hard work, and belief that through hard work the American Dream of success would be realized. At the time, Tampa had many laundries, but few dry cleaners. Dry cleaners feared competition and refused to share their techniques and chemical formulas, making it a very secretive business. I. G. Fonte, on the other hand, had a pioneering spirit, impelling him to learn what he could and grow by sharing.

By 1954, I. G. Fonte’s sons incorporated and personally built the full-scale Fonte Brothers’ Pioneer Cleaners cleaning facility at 2312 South MacDill. In 1958, the second plant opened on North Florida Avenue.

Business has grown steadily due to increased services, diversification, and our ability to keep expenses low with machinery and computerization. Even today, the pride in service and work begun by I. G. Fonte, Sr. is still the keystone of Fonte Brothers’ Pioneer Cleaners Corporation.