Men's Dress Shirts

Every professional man should arrive at the office with that crisp, clean feeling of a freshly laundered and pressed shirt. Pioneer Cleaners combines years of experience with the latest cleaning and pressing technology to ensure you look your best every day of the week.


There are plenty of things you'd rather do than laundry. So leave it to Pioneer Cleaners! Bring your weekly laundry to us and we will wash, press, and fold all your clothes and household linens so that you can spend time on more important things.

Wedding Gown Care

It is important to us that your wedding gown be beautiful and clean on the day you wear it as well as for years to come. Our cleaning and preservation services are designed to be gentle yet thorough, ensuring your memories are preserved forever.


For aesthetic and safety reasons it is important to have your drapes cleaned regularly. Over time, your drapes will begin to look dull as they collect harmful allergens such as pollen, dust, oil, smoke, and even bacteria. A professional cleaning approximately every 6 months is recommended.

The problem with many "professional" cleaners is that after cleaning your drapes, you'll re-hang them only to realize that they're not as long as they used to be! Pioneer Cleaners uses exclusive Adjust-A-Drape technology to ensure that your drapes will always hang exactly the same length as they did before cleaning. Your drapes will stay clean, beautiful, and safe for years to come.